How should designers approach the task of designing for complex high-risk contexts, like the bridge of an offshore service vessel?

What do we need to make sense of to make good design judgements?

In what ways can systems thinking be of help when designing for such environments?

This PhD blog addresses these and other questions and is about my search for and research on design for sensemaking.

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    Systemic design symposium: Relating Systems Thinking & Design #2

    Last year a highly successful symposium on the interrelationship between systems thinking and design practice took place at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (read my summary of the event here). This year my supervisor Professor Birger Sevaldson, together with his co-chairs Dr. Peter Jones from Toronto’s OCAD University and Dr. Harold Nelson from the School of Computer Science at the University of Montana, are organising a follow-up symposium taking the discussions further with the aim of developing new, interrelated practices based on systems thinking and design practice.

    There is currently a call for abstract out with a deadline May 1. There will also be workshops the day before the symposium, e.g. a workshop run by Dr. Alex Ryan for PhD fellows with projects where looking at the relation between systems thinking and design is important. Hope to meet many people interested in systems thinking and design in Oslo in October!

    For more information, please visit

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    Very interesting!

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