How should designers approach the task of designing for complex high-risk contexts, like the bridge of an offshore service vessel?

What do we need to make sense of to make good design judgements?

In what ways can systems thinking be of help when designing for such environments?

This PhD blog addresses these and other questions and is about my search for and research on design for sensemaking.

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    A glimpse of the work of the Ulstein Bridge Concept

    Last week at the Design Day, a meeting place for businesses and designers organised by the Norwegian Design Council, the Ulstein Bridge Concept project and Ulstein Group's commitment to design were thoroughly covered. First speeches about using design in the maritime industries were given by Tore Ulstein, Chairman and Deputy CEO, Ulstein Group, and Skule Storheill, R&D and Innovation Programmes, Norwegian Design Council. Special emphasis was put on the design-driven innovation programme, which our project has been a part of. Then a video presenting the work the Ulstein Bridge Concept project was shown, in which my Project Manager Kjetil Nordby was interviewed, and even I got to say a couple of words.

    Below are the two videos shown at the Design Day (unfortunately without English subtitles).

    The introductory video "Turning Vision into Reality":

    Turning Vision into Reality (del 1 av 2) from Norsk Designråd on Vimeo.

    The video presenting some of our work:

    Turning Visons into Reality (del 2 av 2) from Norsk Designråd on Vimeo.

    Reader Comments (2)

    It would be very interesting to listen to these audios with English subtitles. Your work is really well done and innovative.
    Great job!

    Thank you for your kind words, Ottavio! I'm sorry these films were in Norwegian only. However, there is an earlier film from 2012 you can look at with English subtitles: The story behind Ulstein Bridge Concept

    October 21, 2014 | Registered CommenterSigrun Lurås

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